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The search for perfection in a healthy beverage. . .
Tibibev Inc. has done it!
A fermented, organic, gluten free, fizzy drink

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How it all started:
Tibicos kefir beverages are created in the Tibibev brewing facility using tibicos 'grains'.
Starting in 2012, we have spent thousands of hours, to keep them thriving and usable for production. We may have the largest inventory of live kefir grains in Canada. Since the begining, we have maintained four hundred cups of water kefir grains to produce the hundreds of cases of beverages we bottle in our organic certified facility in North York, Ontario.

Raw Tibicos is our "flag ship" brand. Over the years we have overcome issues related to over fizzyness and storage of this wonderful drink. Currently we are using two new bottles types for us, the wide mouth 350 mL, single serving container and the family size 750 mL bottle with the reusable snap on cap.

In 2013, our products were distributed from Toronto to the west coast of Canada and as far south as Florida.

With the Canadian shopping transition still "on going", from "brick and mortar" stores to online shopping, Tibibev Inc. has met the need by offering case sales direct from our production facility in North York. "You can't get any fresher than that," said one of our employees.

From 2015 to 2017 we merged our management ideas, owner ideas and production methods into a guaranteed "easy fizzing" beverage. It doesn't overflow when the container is opened.

It has a long shelf life in stores, "but who wants it to stay on a shelf in stores?" It belongs in the daily routine of our customers, as fresh as the day it was bottled!

Also during that period of rethinking packaging, we got out a "sharp pencil" and found many ways to reduce the retail price from $4.50 per single serving to $2.95 per single serving. Wow eh? It wasn't easy, but our customers appreciated the effort.

Also, we increased the single serving size by 15%. Eh? Who does that? Tibibev Inc. did.

You can use your credit card to purchase two cases of 12 bottles each, right at our facility in North York, just like Jenna P. did recently. See: purchase

Vitamin K in Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods are an important source of vitamin K. (which most people are deficient in). A long list of serious health issues are related to a deficiency in vitamin K. see: Mercola article.

The Raw Chef
Yes, our Chef creates wonderful recipes ->see.


"Make Raw Tibicos part of your food and drink digestive plan"

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Sales at: 416-665-4949

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Raw Tibicos drink is a fermented beverage manufactured in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in a HACCP certified facility using certified organic ingredients and filtered water. Organic certification by Pro-Cert. 2016

Taste the organic drink with great ingredients, when you eat dinner or enjoy lunch!